About us

UNVDC - Market Expansion Services is a very beneficial option for your business if you are thinking about Market Expansion Services (MES).

As a global organization with a sizable network of knowledgeable specialists and volunteers who have in-depth knowledge of regional marketplaces all around the world, UNVDC offers a distinct advantage. UNVDC's market expansion services can assist your company in growing in a socially and environmentally responsible manner with a focus on sustainable growth.

UNVDC may provide a variety of services as a MES supplier, including market research, product registration, sales and distribution, logistics, marketing, and after-sales support. Local experts from UNV can assist you in navigating the cultural quirks, laws, and commercial customs of new markets, providing your company a competitive edge.

Partnering with UNVDC for MES can help to improve your brand's reputation and image in addition to cost-effective solutions, showcasing your dedication to social responsibility and sustainable development. The mission of UNVDC is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, offering a common direction for cooperation and expansion.

Selecting UNVDC as your MES provider can aid in your business's quicker and more effective launch into the market as well as its further expansion in an ethical and ecologically conscious manner.



We supply with FCL and LCL to more than 60 countries around the world, via sea and air freight.


The products are 100% genuine from branded, qualified manufactures in Vietnam and Global sources


We understand delivery time is customer’s opportunity. They are shipped quickly and safety all over the world.